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Conference & meetings Elite Hotel Carolina Tower, Stockholm

Enjoy our welcoming venues for meetings, gathering and events. Elite Hotel Carolina Tower is a modern venue with a spacious conference floor, flexible meeting rooms, and on the top floor, two spectacular conference rooms. There is also a gym with a sauna, a relax area and views I all directions. On the ground floor is Haga Bottega offering a nice lunch, dinner or gathering after the conference.

  • 130 people
  • 8 venues
  • Largest venue 122 sqm
  • All under one roof
  • Events with a panoramic view
  • Local event planners
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If you are looking for modern meeting rooms in Stockholm, Elite Hotel Carolina Tower has an impressive venue with eight flexible rooms. The location in Hagastaden, close to Karolinska sjukhuset and Karolinska Institutet, is ideal for delegates travelling to the venue.

Two exclusive meeting rooms are located on the top floor, ideal for board meetings, events, receptions and private parties. The View and the Club offer a magnificent view of Stockholm.

The meeting rooms located on the first floor carry names after famous physicists. The largest room Röntgen, has a capacity for up to 130 people. All our meeting rooms are modern and comfortable and can be adjusted to suit your needs and type of arrangement; a small- or mid-sized meeting, larger conferences, workshops, seminars or lectures. Our dedicated and professional staff will assist you in any way they can to make your conference a successful event.

Seating arrangement SQM Cinema Cinema School School U-shape U-shape Banquet Banquet Board Board
Röntgen 122 m² 130 p 60 p 30 p 60 p -
Curie 80 m² 50 p 30 p 20 p 30 p 20 p
Widerström 40 m² 30 p 17 p 16 p 18 p 16 p
Fleming 62 m² 60 p 32 p 20 p 36 p 20 p
Pavlov 42 m² 30 p 24 p 16 p 18 p 12 p
Pasteur 42 m² 30 p 16 p 16 p 18 p 12 p
Semmelweis 22 m² - - - - 10 p
The View 26 m² - - - - 12 p
The Club 97 m² - - - - 20 p

Seating arrangement

Filter by size or type of meeting


Airy and divisible room for larger meetings.

  • 122 sqm
  • 130 people

Röntgen is our largest meeting room with a capacity up to 130 people. The room has good ventilation and large panorama windows providing plenty natural light. Bose ceiling speakers offer flexible solutions and the conference room can be divided in to two smaller rooms. The meeting room is adapted to people with hearing deficiency and can also be darkened, if needed.

The name of the conference room comes from the German physicists Wilhelm Röntgen, famous for his detection of electromagnetic radiation. He was rewarded with the first Nobel Prize in Physics, in 1901.


Large windows with beautiful light.

  • 80 sqm
  • 50 people

Curie is a beautiful and modern meeting room ideal for a conference with up to 80 people. The light and stylish design creates a comfortable environment. The meeting room is equipped with a projector, Bose speakers and can also be darkened.

The name of the conference room comes from Marie Curie, who became the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize winner. In 1903 she received the prize together with her husband for their research on radioactivity. She was once again honoured with the Nobel Prize, in 1911 for her discovery of the elements polonium and radium.


Spacious room with panoramic windows.

  • 40 sqm
  • 30 people

Widerström is an ideal conference room for a smaller meeting with up to 30 people. Large panorama windows provide natural light and the room can also be darkened. The meeting room is equipped with everything you need for your meeting including Bose speakers that offer the best sound quality.

The name of the conference room comes from Karolina Widerström who was the first female physician in Sweden. She graduated at Karolinska Institutet in May 1888.


Perfect for learning sessions and workshops.

  • 62 sqm
  • 30 people

Fleming is a mid-sized conference room for up to 60 people, comfortable and airy with natural light from large panorama windows. The meeting room is designed with the latest technique, projector and Bose ceiling speakers. If there is something you need, our professional meeting staff will assist.

The name of the conference room comes from Sir Alexander Fleming, the Scottish physician who became famous for his discovery of penicillin. He was honoured with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1945.


Flexible venue for medium-sized meetings.

  • 42 sqm
  • 30 people

Pavlov is a meeting room that we recommend for a mid-size conference, up to 30 people. The room is nice and bright, equipped with Bose ceiling speakers, projector and all the modern equipment for a successful conference. Large panorama windows provide the room with plenty of natural light creating a fresh environment.

The name of the conference room comes from Ivan Pavlov who in 1904 received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research on the physiology of digestion. He is also known for his psychological experiment on classical conditioning, called “Pavlov’s dogs”.


Excellent venue for the larger board meeting.

  • 42 sqm
  • 30 people

Pasteur is a meeting room ideal for a mid-sized conference up to 30 people and with high demands on modern technique. The high quality sound comes from Bose ceiling speakers. The room is designed for a comfortable meeting, airy with natural light from the large panorama windows.

The name of the conference room comes from Louis Pasteur, the French biologist and chemist who among other things, discovered pasteurisation, the process that kill bacteria, and he also created the first vaccine for rabies.


For small and quick meetings.

  • 22 sqm
  • 10 people

Semmelweis is a meeting room for a smaller conference, up to ten people. The room is equipped with everything you need to arrange an effective meeting including projector and Bose ceiling speakers. The room is airy with natural light from panorama windows.

The name of the conference room comes the Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis, known for discovering that the incidence from childbed fever could be diminished if the caregivers washed their hands with chlorinated lime solutions before examining the patients.

The View

At the top floor with a fantastic view.

  • 26 sqm
  • 12 people

The View is our exclusive board room located on the 16th floor at the top of the hotel. The view over Stockholm is stunning and this is the meeting room we recommend when you are looking for an exclusive set up and experience. 

There is a 65 inch TV screen on the wall.

The Club

A unique venue with a beautiful view of Stockholm.

  • 97 sqm
  • 20 people

The Club located on the top floor is both an exclusive and beautiful conference room. It’s a modern meeting room with interesting design and comfortable sofa arrangement. The room is ideal for boardroom seating, stand-up meetings as well as comfortable seating for breaks or dialogue.

With a stunning panorama view over Stockholm, the Club is a meeting room for memorable events such as pasties and mingles for 20-60 people.

Conference with us

We will help you

Your arrangement is in safe hands at Elite Hotel Carolina Tower. We offer many possibilities and are here to help you plan and arrange everything from a business lunch to a conference, education, mingling event, celebration and accommodation.

Our eight venues are named after well-known physicists. Röntgen is the largest room with capacity for up to 130 people. If you would like to arrange a special occasion, our recommendation is the venues on the top floor, the View and the Club. With impressive views and exclusive decor, they are perfect for a board meeting, mingling event or celebrations. The conference floor has flexible room and a generous area for coffee breaks, lunch and mingling. Take the stair down to the restaurant Haga Bottega that offer dishes inspired by the Italian and the Mediterranean cuisine. There is also an outdoor terrace.

We are on hand from the first planning meeting until departure. Let us know if you wish to plan an exciting activity or experience in Stockholm. We are happy to help!

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Food & beverage

Our restaurants

Haga Bottega

Haga Bottega is the familiar restaurant that takes a small part of Italy to Stockholm. The food is an interpretation of traditional Italian dishes that meet creative combinations that are served on the communal table in the dining room or served at the table in an authentic Italian style.

Breakfast at Elite Hotel Carolina Tower

Breakfast at Elite Hotel Carolina Tower

Every morning, we are serving a generous hotel breakfast on the main floor in the impressive restaurant Haga Bottega.


Man in front of the audience

Speakers from Talarforum

We know that a successful meeting requires good and well thought out content. Elite Hotels collaborates alternatively with Talarforum, which is Scandinavia's leading knowledge house for external lecturers with more than twenty years of experience. With over 8,000 lecturers, trainers, experts, entertainers and inspirers, they can help find just the right layout for your conference. There are several different options for both small and large wallets.

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The facade of the Elite Hotel Carolina Tower with Karolinska University Hospital behind

Elite Hotel Carolina Tower, Stockholm

Elite Hotel Carolina Tower is situated in Hagastaden next to Karolinska Institutet in one of Stockholm's fastest growing areas. Here we offer 221 hotel rooms, comfortable conference facilities,  restaurant and sky gym.

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171 64 Stockholm
+46 8-400 00466 konferens.carolinatower@elite.se Google maps



General Manager

Johan Månsson

Sales Manager

Anna Strid


Directions by air

Arlanda Airport

The airport buses from Stockholm Arlanda Airport towards Liljeholmen stop at the stop "Karolinska sjukhuset Eugeniavägen", about 250 meters from the hotel. The Arlanda Express goes directly to Stockholm Central Station. Taxi journey from Arlanda takes around 30 minutes depending on the traffic situation. We recommend that you get the price confirmed before getting into the taxi.

Bromma Airport

From Stockholm Bromma Airport, the easiest way to get to the hotel is by taxi. There is also an airport bus to Stockholm Central Station. With municipal transport, you take the light rail from the airport, followed by the subway and walking/bus to the hotel.

Directions by car

E4 north

Take exit 164-165, keep to your right and continue to exit 165, follow the signs to Karolinska Sjukhuset, continue along Karolinska Vägen, turn at Gävlegatan and then towards Eugeniavägen and the hotel.

E4 south 

Take the exit to Sankt Eriksplan. Turn left to Solnavägen, choose the middle lane and turn right to Eugeniavägen and the hotel.

Directions by train

Green line subway station S:t Eriksplan and exit Torsgatan. The hotel is about 10 minutes' walk from S:t Eriksplan.


3, 6, 77, 507 to stop "Karolinska sjukhuset Eugeniavägen".

In the area


Bus: 100 m
Metro: 1,3 km
Stockholm Arlanda Airport: 37,6 km
Stockholm Bromma Airport: 7 km
Central station: 3,4 km


Haga Park: 500 m
Friends Arena: 3 km
Mall of Scandinavia: 3 km
Old town: 5 km
Skansen: 7 km