At Elite Park Hotel in Växjö, we offer a fully equipped studio where you have the opportunity to live stream and record everything from digital meetings, conferences or events. The possibilities are endless. We are here to take your meeting to the next level. To give your day that little extra, you can also add coffee, lunch or other food and drink as desired. 



  • All staff are healthy and symptom-free
  • The room is cleaned carefully and regularly
  • All surfaces are cleaned between the recordings
  • The studio is equipped with hand sanitisers
  • Sanitation and hygiene are our key priorities, and we have taken extraordinary measures to create a safe environment for you, our esteemed guests and employees.

Facts & Terms

The offer includes

  • Room for up to 16 people
  • Technician


  • 75 ”LED Tv
  • Camera with programmable display modes
  • Streaming kit that handles both one-way and two-way communication with audio and video.


  • Programmable environmental light
  • Headlights


  • Sound mixer
  • Microphone and headset with the option to connect more


  • LED screen 57 cm X 190 cm with the option to display logo or advertising