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Sturebadet Marina Tower Spa

  • The swimming pool at Sturebadet Marina Tower Spa in Stockholm
  • The Turkish Hamam at Sturebadet Marina Tower in Stockholm
  • Treatment room at Sturebadet Marina Tower Spa in Stockholm
Sturebadet Marina Tower Spa

Welcome to Sturebadet Marina Tower Spa

As a guest, you can unwind and have a relaxing end to your day. Take a dip in our large pool, a bubble in our hot Jacuzzi or work out in our generous gym with a good selection of weight lifting machines, free weights and several cardiovascular machines (treadmills, cross trainer, exercise bike). We also offer you a sauna and a unique Turkish Hamam. There is everything for both physical and mental recovery. 

Many guests wishing to visit our SPA. We, therefore, recommend our guests to book both treatment and spa entrance in advance. To book spa entrance or spa treatments call +46 (0)8-555 70 300.

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Our spa-packages

Opening hours & Spa Entrance

Opening hours
Monday–Friday: 06.30–21.30
Saturday 09.00–21.00
Sunday 09.00–19.00

Age limit 18 years

Spa entrance (for hotel guests)
Monday-Thursday 395 SEK
Friday 495 SEK
Saturday 595 SEK
Sunday 495 SEK

Gym only 95 SEK every day

Spa entrance with Hamam ritual for hotel guests (3 hours)
Monday-Thursday 595 SEK
Friday 795 SEK
Saturday 895 SEK
Sunday 795 SEK