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Parties & events

  • The foyer at Elite Park Hotel Växjö
Parties & events

Parties & events

We know how to arrange great parties. Let us organize your next mingle event, an upcoming fair or a gala dinner. We offer a comprehensive solution - venue, food, and lodging according to your dreams and visions.

Our staff has long experience and a good eye for logistics and service. We offer full service on-site for conferences, events, fairs, exhibitions and gala dinners.

The hotel restaurant has highly competent staff and takes care of food and drinks during your event. We work with partners who specialize in audio, lighting, technology, entertainment and also various team activities. We like to make extra effort to realize your vision and believe that everything is possible.

Stora Foajén

The room can be adapted to events or to special requests due to its mobile furnishing and neutral colors. What makes Stora Foajén unique is its size and logistics. Växjö Concert Hall foyer is 1100 square meters in size. If these square meters are not enough, there are additional premises in connection (Övre Foajén, Ateljén, and Skattkammaren). We and our partners customize the venue according to your wishes. Furnishings are included at no extra charge. Other is charged.

Övre Foajén

The room is ideal for mingle events with its 250 sqm and large bright windows, either by itself or in connection with Stora Foajén. Övre Foajén is located on floor two and accommodates 200 people for mingling and 90 people a banquet and dinner.


Formerly Växjö art hall is well equipped and suitable for a conference. The room is 164 sqm and seats 60 people for dinner around small tables. Connecting to the premises there are 4 rooms as well as a passage to the room Skattkammaren if the event requires larger areas.


Skattkammaren is ideal for the smaller company with its 86 sqm and the opportunity to accommodate 24 people in island seating. The premises can easily be connected to Stora Foajén and Ateljén.

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